The Rundown on Options Trading

If you are struggling with options trading or brand new to options, you must know everything possible to know how to get to the next level.

What Are Options?

How and why options are used, what are the simplest strategies used today

Option Greeks?

Learn about the greeks and how to apply them to your options trading strategies

Options Rules

Option liquidity, option sales, options exercise rules.  How about American and European style options?

Expiration Dates on Your Options

How to look at option expiration, along with your trading style, to determine which is right for you

Review Your Trades!

Practice Practice Practice!  We are going to go over your trades, see what you did wrong, and make improvements!

50 Student Limit/Personal Coaching Limited Space Available

** Seats are still available, exclusive course, flexible schedule based on client needs. *Fee will be partially credited toward the A-Z course should you decide to continue.